Hi New Spacetourer owner looking for help on the lexia front

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Re: Hi New Spacetourer owner looking for help on the lexia front

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Flann i know it is hard but do not beat yourself up over Lexia/Diagbox understanding of how it works. It is something i and many others struggle with, remember this is a Dealer diagnostic tool that the techs that use them have had years of training on. Frustrating yes but in the long run whatever you spent on the kit will save you money and the more you use it the greater the understanding of how it works and what you can and cannot do.


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Re: Hi New Spacetourer owner looking for help on the lexia front

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Tried that nothing i think I must be in the wrong menu for making changes as there’s no option to adjust the settings if I try the pre delivery stuff it requires some battery test with another decide which I can’t complete the other versions seem to gain a cog icon when changing a setting I’m going to get in touch with easy diagnostics for help on Monday as all I can do with it is read and wipe fault codes and actuator tests all parameters are fixed I need to find where I can make the adjustments in version 9.68 thanks for all your help

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Re: Hi New Spacetourer owner looking for help on the lexia front

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Be aware that some functions are locked out for security and safety, so need a dealer log in to override - it depends on what the system is really, but if it is related to the BSI, it may well be one of those secure areas as any mis-configuration could cripple the vehicle - literally.

Normally to effect a change, first look at one of the top menus for a REPAIR or CUSTOMER OPTIONS section - these are the most common areas for making changes to customer preferences. If you can't find it there then it may be buried in the BSI configuration.

A global test, then after that, selecting the BSI (usually from the top of the list), then confirming the selection, will provide some menus. These are likely to be Configuration, then manual configuration to get into the settings. If it won't allow this then it may be locked out. Have a check with Jim, but I do know that it is very hit and miss with each vehicle as to what level of access you can get, as these are 'modified' versions for Joe Public and not really supposed to be publicly available. So they may be tightening up as the vehicles become more and more sophisticated to prevent interference outside of the dealer or professional networks who normally pay to use these systems after extensive training.

They should work fine for diagnostics and fault finding and clearing fault codes, but many configuration options are mostly by internet via PSA servers (which is not available to us - and if you try to go this route with an active internet connection, it will probably lock out the software or your VCI). As a consequence of widespread and fast internet now, the amount of off-line telecoding (configuring) you can do manually is becoming less and less.