Fap soot load 150 %

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Re: Fap soot load 150 %

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If you do a search on the Forum you should find that people have managed to safely clean the DPF by removing it and then soaking it (I believe, in oven cleaner; but I am NOT certain of this). Then you run water through it until it runs clean (do NOT use a pressure washer, as this will damage the DPF).

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Re: Fap soot load 150 %

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I have look that soot load value again. Today I take car to highway and look at the numbers. Soot load % was over 150 again. I parked car and let it been there for a while; probably half an our or so. After that I start to drive back home and suddenly my phone beebs five times. I wonder, what a.... Engine has cooled a bit and I drive at 50 - 60 km/h.

Anyway regeneration has started. Heat get over 640 degrees and soot load goes to 160 %. Few minutes of that and next time, when I check the phone, values were going down. Temperature was 250 and soot load was 0 %. Amout on eolys was also a bit redused. So everything seems to be in order :D.