3008 Diesel. No start. Battery Issue

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Re: 3008 Diesel. No start. Battery Issue

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Have you checked all the fuses on the underbonnet fuse box - there is a 20A one in there for the starter circuit. Check all the plugs on here for corrosion. If you listen to the under bonnet fuse box when someone else turns the key to crank, can you hear a relay clicking? If you go into diagbox, can you see if the gearbox ECU thinks it's in neutral or not? Is it actually in neutral (i.e. can you push the car?)

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Re: 3008 Diesel. No start. Battery Issue

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Fuses all checked with a multimeter and cleaned including the maxi fuses behind the ecu. Also the silly metal bars that come off the battery +ve terminal.
Diagbox isn't communicating with the gearbox ecu. See pics earlier in the thread.
It now has a new battery ( turns out old one is fine as I used it to jump start my diesel MGZT today) and I've done a couple of resets.
My plan now is to just leave it for a few days and let it all hibernate then go from there.
It's so frustrating. The car is well maintained, very well looked after and hadn't done 35k miles from new.