POTD random review of 2020

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Re: POTD random review of 2020

Post by mickthemaverick »

Just looked through the thread Neil, Nice one =D> ! Amazing how the year has flown by despite the troubles, had some good threads during the year too so hopefully it will get even better next year!! Have a good one buddy!! :-D
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Re: POTD random review of 2020

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Thanks Mick, you too. Got any new yearish selection for the Jukebox. Abba's is the epitome of New year, but its just so melancholy and those girls voices, I'll be in tears if I put it on!

I've had a Saltaire blond, and a Tia Maria and cup of tea are on their way! Party on rural Northumberland :-D

Regards Neil
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Re: POTD random review of 2020

Post by CitroJim »

Magic :D I love this tread too... Will do my best to keep contributing to POTD in 2021 ;)