zx 19i.......hellllppppp??????

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zx 19i.......hellllppppp??????

Unread post by jonny »

hi wonder if anyone can help i need to know what r the biggest wheels i can have on without arce mods i am already running 195.50.15 but they just not quiet big enought also (this is a tuffy) anybody know anyone who has fitted a 2.0l turbo out of the xm as i am about to do the job in the next few weeks any help much needed [:d}

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Hi Jonny
If the car is a three door I have been told you can get 205 35 17s on with a 30 mm drop with slight arch work. If its a five door I have been told 195 50 15s are the biggest. I've got a ZX TD with dodgy 14" alloys at the moment so if you get anymore info can you let me know as I'm hoping to fit 16"s. Cheers