C5 VTR 2.0 Estate Heater & Valuation

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C5 VTR 2.0 Estate Heater & Valuation

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Greetings to one and all,

I'm a forum virgin so please handle with care!

I have a couple of frogmobiles the other being a 2007 Renois Lagunatic 205 GT Estate, but I digress.

My Mk II C5 has issues such as leaking A/C, a drooping tailgate (it won't stay open) and a cabin heater that frankly is no hotter than breath which translates to complete rubbish!

If the wise ones on this forum can offer qualified advice whether the unit is kaputnic or DIY repairable (including an idiots guide) and how to test/check before doing be anything else?

I have no clue about the value/worth of this floating boat, but if it's over say £100, I suspect that it's not cost effective. It may be that the car is worth less than my insurance premium and 3x less than a tank of diesel and tax, so not cost effective, otherwise it's pretty good in terms of its mechanics and operation.

I'm be wondering if selling it privately or to a breakers yard is sensible as it's likely worth a lot more in parts.

Thanks for reading and I'm hoping the good people of this forum can offer advice about the points raised.

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Re: C5 VTR 2.0 Estate Heater & Valuation

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The drooping tailgate is caused by failed gas struts, they are located in the roof & requires the removal of the heading cloth, not a particularly hard job just time consuming.
The heating issue could be a few things but a common issue is the hot/cold flap gear fails, easy easy enough to sort but would need further checks to confirm. Is the coolant level ok for starters?