Peugeot 308 cc 2010 errors

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Peugeot 308 cc 2010 errors

Post by Paulina1993 »

Hi everyone,

I thought i bought my dream car but so far i
I waisted £1500 on useless mechanics. The patient is:
Peugeot 308 cc
Automatic gearbox
Mileage 50k

Since I bought the car I had many issues already.

When I bought a car I noticed there is not hot air in cabin. Also I could smell a cooler while driving.
I opened the bonnet and spotted there is no much cooler so I filled it up and I drive away. After I reached home I checked the bonnet again and I just saw many bobbles in the cooler but I been told to not worry about it much. And after that I couldn’t smell anything weird but the hot air is not that hot how I wanted it to be.

I have also spot some small oil leak near spark plugs and I thought someone have to spill the oil when he was topping up, however after I cleaned the oil I could see after couple of days the oil is leaking again.

After one month of driving my car start behaves really weird in traffic.
Whenever I have to press break and gas alternately my car after 10 min of standing in traffic won’t move. After I realise the break car should slowly driving and mine just don’t, and once I press gas it get some kick and harshly start moving forward. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense but it’s really hard to explain.
This thing doesn’t happen very often only when I’m in traffic and for at least 10 min. Also I noticed that when I’m standing in traffic and there is a hill my car sometimes rolls down and feels like have no power until I press the gas. Also whenever I stop and wait a little while on traffic lights I can feel time to time vibrations and like kicks in engine. Nothing bad actually happening to the car it’s just weird feeling of vibration.

I went to many mechanics which so far replaced:
- oil in gearbox
- all sparkling plugs and coils
- solenoid electrovalve

After that’s I went to Peugeot dealer just to do proper diagnostic. Here are all error codes from the diagnostics:

Once they give me the diagnostic they told me the main issue might be with oil pump. So again i went to the mechanic and replaced high pressure fuel pump. Guess what ? I get to the point when i had to stand in traffic and my car start having the same issue ! Even after I replaced £500 fuel pump !!!

I’m really fed up of mechanics and I really want get this sorted. Anyone could help me with that please ?

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Re: Peugeot 308 cc 2010 errors

Post by xantia_v6 »

You seem to have a number of issues there. I will let someone else decode the fault codes.

Your issue with hot air in the cabin could be due to a fault with the heater flap control motors (which is fairly common on PSA vehicles of that age), or it could be that the Air Conditioning refrigeration system is not operating and not cooling the air.

If you look under the bonnet on the (UK) drivers side near the radiator you will see some aluminium pipes and an aluminium cylinder (bottom left of this picture)
Image That cylinder should be quite cold to touch with the engine running and the A/C turned on. If it is not cold, then some more diagnostics are probably required.