Air Compressors

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Re: Air Compressors

Post by bobins »

Even the bench top 'Machine Mart' style blasting cabinets consume air at a rate of.... erm.... cubic feet ! You could expect the compressor for even a 50 litre tank to be running most of the time - which isn't a problem if you're prepared to stop every couple of minutes to allow the compressor to stop and cool down. You might be able to rig up a secondary tank in tandem so you start off with 100 litres to allow you a little longer with useful air pressure.
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Re: Air Compressors

Post by moizeau »

Regarding blasting, a 50l's debit would probably be fine with a gravity fed system that holds about 1 litre of media. If you want to do your's a diesel powered tow behind, how do I know....