RT4 potentiometer clean

This unit is the RT4 and RT5 system and is made by Magneti Marelli
Main differences between RT4 & RT5 - RT5 has Bluetooth Hands Free, faster Navigation calculation and on C4 & C4 Picasso only, USB ports and a High-Res screen.

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Re: RT4 potentiometer clean

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It could be a way of preventing reliance on inaccurate pressure sensors. Don't think I've ever seen an overinflation warning though.
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Re: RT4 potentiometer clean

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Yes, I think that's why and because of the varying factors that can affect the pressures - climate, tyre size and width, speed etc., so better to stick with a deflated and punctured warnings - as they have more impact and one can check the pressure hopefully with a more accurate gauge at the garage when checking pressures.

Mine work perfectly and have never let me down - even when I thought one was playing up - turned out it was a faulty valve so had it replaced.