Myway Sat Nav

This unit is the MyWay system, also referred to as RNEG, made by Harman Becker.
Main Features: Also referred to as RNEG, the MyWay colour satellite navigation system, has SD card, integrated European mapping, live trafic information, voice guidance and graphics in 2D or aerial perspective & it features a Bluetooth® system (Bluetooth phone compatibility only - no Bluetooth Audio Streaming).

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Re: Myway Sat Nav

Post by KeithG »

Because the screen flickers, hopefully it is just a poor connection. Again many thanks.
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Re: Myway Sat Nav

Post by thomasnybor »

Hi Marc,
I have a similar problem - mayby you can help?
My car is Citroen C5 Tourer 1,6 from 2012 with MyWay nav system installed.
It has suddenly stopped working, - worked fine yesterday.
No display at all, no sounds and no reaction from any buttons.
The only thing is a small sound from the cd player every 20 seconds, as if it ejects a CD.
It is possible to feed a CD, but it is pushed out again after app. 20 seconds
Have checked the fuse - and it is intact, so that is not the problem.
Any ideas?
thanks from thomas
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Re: Myway Sat Nav

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Hi Thomas

It sounds like the unit is failing. These units have no hard disk inside, they use a type of flash memory and like all flash memory systems they have a finite life as the nand memory cells wear over time with constant re-writing of data. If some of the system files that are stored in flash memory have become corrupt, it will trigger the system to seek the system firmware CD to try and locate the files.

At this stage it is often a sign that the unit needs replacing as it has provided 10 years of service now. Repairs are expensive from the official Clarion repair service that Citroen provide - about 460 Euros for this unit. So you can either try and insert the firmware CD into the unit and see if it revives, but if not, it's likely to be time for a replacement.