Idle speed decrease after long run

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Idle speed decrease after long run

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Hi All
After a long run the idle speed on our 2014 3008 1.6 HDi drops to about 740 rpm (I have a reader that I can plug into the OBD port) as opposed to a normal speed of about 820rpm. This low tick over speed is quite lumpy but smooths out as soon as I touch the accelerator. Is there something on the throttle body that will enable me to increase the tick over speed? Or something else?
The car has recently had a new flywheel and clutch and last month a fuel injector. I have read on the forum about engine speed sensors coming loose creating problems could I be seeing similar problems? I also took the throttle body off during the injector swap could I have created a problem doing this? There are no fault codes showing and the car runs fine apart from the aforementioned.

Hope somebody can help as this car is getting expensive to run and my wife is losing confidence in it. Which is a shame as its been great until recently and has some nice features (we love the split tailgate and slightly raised driving position)