Peugeot 305 radiator fan

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Peugeot 305 radiator fan

Post by Jonathancilia »

Hi, i want toask, are the radiator fans supposed to switch both at the same time? Because at the moment only one is switching on. I tested the non working fanby wiring it directly to the battery and it is switching on.switched relays from workjng fan to non working fan still it doesnt switch on. Any ideas?

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Re: Peugeot 305 radiator fan

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The fans are controlled - and will only switch on when commanded. Some of them have a stepper system so will increase as needed. If you have a twin fan system then sometimes only the second fan will kick in at a certain temperature.

Pop your VIN up and I'll take a look at the system you have.

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Re: Peugeot 305 radiator fan

Post by white exec »

305 or 3005 ?