Citroen C4 Lack of Power

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Citroen C4 Lack of Power

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Hi everyone,
I have a 2011 Citroen C4 1.6 VTI auto, and I'm in trouble with my car, there is a lack of power both on petrol and LPG, it feels more when going uphill, slowing down too much, straight road acceleration is not satisfactory, fuel consumption is also seems high, i took my car to the authorized technical service, and gives the following error codes;

BVA_AT8 Section : U1003
MEV17_4_2 Section : U2000, U2118, P0420
ABS Section : C1510, U2000, U1318

and Mechanic says it's normal, these error codes are insignificant, VTI engines are known for low performance
can you help me with this problem please? [-o<

PS: There's a non-priority issue: I don't know if it's related with other issues but steering is hard also.
My Car's VIN: VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]