Peugeot partner 1.6 hdi timing

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Peugeot partner 1.6 hdi timing

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Just replaced timing belt due to snapping. Issue I have is that there is no hole to lock off on the crankshaft pulley. There is a hole on the flange that sits on the pulley, but this was dislodged, so not in correct place until I can lock off the crank. I've locked off the cam shaft etc but at a loss on how to set the crankshaft. Does anyone know which way the keyway is supposed to be facing on the pulley or is it set at dtc in which case I can set using a welding rod in one of the injectors. I've also heard that the pistons are set at half way, if this is correct are they set half way up or down. I would appreciate any information that could help me, thank you.

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Re: Peugeot partner 1.6 hdi timing

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Some PSA engines do set up the timing with all the pistons on the level particularly XU petrol engines but unsure about this engine.
The welding rod method is a bit risky.
Can you post a picture of the issue as i cant understand it. Surely if the flange with the timing hole is damaged you would replace it?? If its the bit im thinking of then it also has the magnetic pickup for the crank sensor, if its badly damaged the engine wont start anyway.