Citroen Relay Starting Problem

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Citroen Relay Starting Problem

Post by Ben_C »


I hope someone can help. I have ongoing issues with my Citroen Relay. It is a 2.0 HDI 130, 2016.

Original Problem - would not start (starter solenoid just clicked). Identified as starter motor and replaced by Citroen in January 2020. ISSUE FIXED.
February 2020 - head gasket failed (bubbling in coolant). Replaced by local garage. ISSUE FIXED.
March 2020 - cold starting problem - would need to be turned over 5-6 times every morning to get it going. Local Garage (Snap on Diagnostics) identified fuel pressure problem, replaced the fuel filter (did not fix it). Then they traced the problem to battery on its way out. Battery replaced, and ISSUE (TEMPORARILY) FIXED.
April 2020 - Engine management light came on. Handheld OBDII scanner identified NOX sensor fault code (I think it was P2202). Cold start problem also returned.
May / June 2020 - van standing and not being driven.
July 2020 - van broke down and stopped at roadside (not being driven by me). RAC attended and they identified the problem as a failed belt on the high pressure fuel pump. Not much help as, so far as I am aware, the high pressure fuel pump doesn't have a belt on this van. The van was returned to base and it took me 30 seconds to see that the plug was loose on the fuel rail pressure sensor. Pushed back on and van now runs again, but cold start problem (and engine management light) still persist.

I am fed up with the local garage and can't afford another big bill from Citroen, so have hooked up to DiagBox. I have the following fault codes showing:

U1113 ABS or ESP ECU
P2202 Heating of the NOX sensor
P050B starting monitoring
P2291 Fuel Pressure measured in the fuel high pressure common rail
P0193 Capteur de pression rampe a carburant
P008A Low pressure fuel circuit
P00BA Low pressure fuel circuit
P16A7 Control of the crankcase fumes heater

I think some of these may be related to the loose plug on the fuel rail sensor, as I haven't reset the codes yet, but I think I may still have two distinct problems. A fuel problem, which could be either high pressure or low pressure pump, or injectors. Secondly, a NOX problem, that is most likely to be a NOX sensor.

Before I start spending more money and replacing bits, can you give me any advice or any other parameters to check to narrow the problem(s) down.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Re: Citroen Relay Starting Problem

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This sounds very similar to all the problems we had when we first bought our 2016 Relay for conversion. The starting problems, new battery, alternator not charging, engine management light etc etc. We were told when we first bought the van that the NOX sensor needed replacing - wish we’d had it done right away but it caused all the problem mentioned above. We eventually went to our Citroen dealer and had the Nox sensor replaced and it’s been good ever since! Good luck!