Citroen despatch 2007 central locking

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Citroen despatch 2007 central locking

Post by Jumbosailor »

When I brought this 2007 Jumpy in France the remote worked occasionally but when I locked the drivers door all the doors locked.
I though I would be clever and take it to an expert who said it was a problem with the BSI so he had turned off the central locking but the BSI
had locked and he couldnt do anything else. I removed the BSI and sent it to a guy in the UK who was very helpful and virginised the BSI and turned on the
central locking - I reinstalled the BSI and I now have the following: Passenger side wont lock at all. when I close drivers door, rear door and sliding door all lock. unlock and then lock again, then I can insert the key into the drivers door and lock that. When I get into the car and start I get a rear door open warning - When I drive I get a couple of beeps then all the doors except for the passenger door go through the lock unlock lock cycle and the indicator on the dash on the button to open either rear and sliding door and back door is ON but front door switch light is off.
A question is the front passenger door a seperate plug into the BSI or is it in another loom.
Any ideas where I can start looking for a cure or should I just take it to someone with an interface cable and a computer to get in and see whats happening in the BSI
Can I by pass the closed sensor on the rear door to simulate a closure? What colour is the sensor wire to rear door and is the active to ground or high.
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Re: Citroen despatch 2007 central locking

Post by JohnDragonMan »

my van is the older one to yours and sadly does not have any door switches on any of the rear doors.

get it diagnosed, connect to the BSI and it will tell you on "live data" if doors are open or closed. or if lock/unlock is detected on the individual doors. it could be something as simple as a bad contact causing the issues. a simple spray of wd-40 on the door lock inside the door could fix it :D