clutch pedal and top up brake fluid level

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clutch pedal and top up brake fluid level

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About 3 weeks ago i developed a problem with my clutch pedal not returning to its position and i have to switch the engine off and lift the pedal back up with my foot. When i restart the engine the clutch pedal is ok for a while. I took it to garage where they told me that the fluid needed changing so they did that. This solved the problem for a couple of weeks where the problem has come back in the last couple of days. I took it back to the garage where they told me they could not find a leak and told me to leave it until the problem got worse. But this weekend im having the warning message come up Top up brake fluid and it keeps coming up even when im not using the brakes. Ive checked the brake fluid and it is not low and doesnt need toping up it is at the max mark. Now is this a dodgy sensor, or is problem related to my clutch pedal problem, or do i need a new master or slave cyclinder.
I had a new clutch fitted 2 years ago. My car is a 2003 Citroen xzara picasso