Torque settings engine mounting

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Torque settings engine mounting

Post by rrijken »

Going to change the left hand side (passenger side) engine mount one of these days and am looking for the correct torque setting, anybody have these? Right side I can find youtube etc. online, but left hand I can only find from different engines....

Car is C5 X7 tourer RFJ engine with AL4 automatic transmission from 2009.

If anybody has done this before on this engine and ran into trouble then please let me know! Any feedback is welcome! Still have the engine hesitation but have given up as the car is usuable.... No error codes..... Maybe it is sucking false air somewhere through a broken vacuum pipe (my Rover 114 in the past had this)? If this is a possibility, which hard plastic tubes are bound to break first and should therefore be exchanged?

Help again appreciated.