Citroen c5 2.0hdi exclusive 136 2006 radio

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Citroen c5 2.0hdi exclusive 136 2006 radio

Post by Igor5336 »

Hello guys and girls

I just bought another citroen, and since i love to have a woofer in my trunk i want to change the radio...
But since the car has alot of functions on the original one i dont want to lose them 😢

Is there any aftermarket radio preferably 2 din android.
Wich can still keep all my car functions and controls like directional headlamps etc...

Any help would be amazing.

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Re: Citroen c5 2.0hdi exclusive 136 2006 radio

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Not really - not for this year as I think directional headlamp control and some other features were controlled from the Head Unit. I had a 2005 C5 Exclusive with RT3 Navidrive and directional headlights and I know that the multifunction display was used with the RT3 to turn certain options on and off like this, as well as A/C display settings and just about all the configurable car options like guide me home lights, locking, reverse wipe etc. If you remove the Head Unit you will likely loose the ability to configure the options.

You should be able to install an amplifier already without affecting the Head Unit though.