Rear Coil Springs C4 Hatch

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Rear Coil Springs C4 Hatch

Unread post by Doo »

Afternoon chaps. Wife's 2007 1.6 hdi C4 needs a new spring. Being a clever girl, she's insisting on a matching pair 8-)

Thing is, we will be towing a caravan so need some beefier springs, but trying to find some is hilarious :roll:

Who has bought uprated rear springs for a C4 and where did you get them from please?

Thank you in advance =D>

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Re: Rear Coil Springs C4 Hatch

Unread post by Paul-R »

I think that your C4 uses the same setup as our 308. I had problems with the lack of ground clearance and carrying capacity viewtopic.php?t=57919 and fitted some spring assisters from Grayston Engineering. I may be wrong but I think they may sell the actual springs for some cars. Might be worth contacting them?