2002-06 Relay / Boxer / Ducato Cruise

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2002-06 Relay / Boxer / Ducato Cruise

Post by jgra1 »

well.. after a few years of wondering if it was possible, as it was with my old C5, I have managed to fit cruise to the subject matter!!

£30 ish, about 3 hours labour...

many thanks to a ducato forum I found by accident, which got its info from an Italian forum..

An Alfa Romeo 147 stalk is wired into the loom found waiting in my Peugeot boxer 2004 2.2 Hdi - (also the rest of the range I believe..)

very happy, if ever I can travel abroad again, sitting at 100kmh for hours will be just that bit sweeter

some cable, a brake switch, a soldering iron and heatshrink, and possibly a 4way and a 6 way male / female plug are the other bits..
Can give more info if anyone still drives an old X244