Exhaust sooting possible DPF Pipes

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Re: Exhaust sooting possible DPF Pipes

Post by wattsey4u2day »

It sounds likely that I need to replace the DPF then given its life i guess. I haven't had the DPF light showing up on the dash since I got the DPF flushed. If I hear it starting to do a regen, I go on a longer drive and leave the revs at about 3k just to help it along. My commute to work is 6 miles each day which isnt a big journey so i guess this is where the problem is occurring. I might have to start looking at a petrol instead of replacing the DPF. I quite like the look of the 2008 but a 1.2 sounds a bit gutless

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Re: Exhaust sooting possible DPF Pipes

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Modern diesels are cruisers really, not designed for the shorter journeys with all the depollution kit they have to carry. 6 miles is going to be barely enough to get the engine warm, so that would bear out why your regens are more frequent and why there is a risk of the process being interrupted when the vehicle does just manage to get to temperature.

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Re: Exhaust sooting possible DPF Pipes

Post by myglaren »

Fully agree with that ^.
My C5 suffers from far too many short runs, especially of late.
It gets a high speed run down to Scotch Corner and back at night when the road (A1) is quiet, about 80 miles.
I have no DPF but it keeps it breathing nicely and the cat clean.