Berlingo BSI & Power steering riddle

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Berlingo BSI & Power steering riddle

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Hello - I wonder if anyone could help shed a little light on my riddle? I'll just give the shortened version.My 2011 1.6 HDi Berlingo did some strange things after unlocking a while back (headlights and wipers on all of the time etc) which I decided was a duff BSI. I got another BSI, virginised it, reprogrammed it using the 4 digit pin obtained from the original BSI and a Chinese Lexia and it is almost sorted. It starts and runs. There are a few niggling errors but one annoying one. The van has mechanical power steering I think as I can see the pump with a pulley and belt. No matter what I set in the BSI configuration, after the van starts I get the STOP light and power steering light on the dash and Lexia reports no communication with the electric power steering ecu code F047. I've been through every menu I can find in Lexia (version 7.57) and have can't see what I've done wrong.
Has anyone got any ideas on how to tell the BSI to stop looking for the EPS ecu even when it isn't included in the BSI configuration?

Many thanks in anticipation