Nemo Van Anti Theft

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Re: Nemo Van Anti Theft

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wheeler wrote:
10 Apr 2020, 08:27
raiderz wrote:
10 Apr 2020, 08:07
I bought it at 6 months old from a nationwide dealer who had been using it for a runabout.
Then I'd say there's virtually zero chance that the immobiliser had been removed.

If this was my van & the fault was so intermittent I would just stick a new pickup aerial on it to rule it out if it wasn't too dear cant imagine its more than £30, some of the Citroen ones are only around the £20 mark. It's an easy DIY fit too.
Would the fact that when it happened last year it was sunny and it was rather warm on Wednesday when it happened again make a difference?

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Re: Nemo Van Anti Theft

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I wouldn't rule it out but as its so infrequent could be complete coincidence.