Oil cooler location on 2004 Berlingo Van 1.4

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Re: Oil cooler location on 2004 Berlingo Van 1.4

Post by Sharkie »

On your valve cover image, right rockers look a bit toasty.
Probably overheated on that part. Remove the termostat for now as well and flush whole cooling system a lot of times. There's oil everywhere.
Can you tell me what is the most effective way of cleaning the face of both the head & block
cleaning attachment for power drill.
Something like this https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/hK8AAOSw ... s-l300.jpg

Usually it's done by flat tool that doesn't score stuff. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/8XEAAOSw ... s-l300.jpg
But you need to grind down the edges.
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Re: Oil cooler location on 2004 Berlingo Van 1.4

Post by Blazer811 »

Thanks Sharkie, I removed the thermostat, radiator and hoses and cleaned all the gunk out of them as well as flushing the heater matrix. As for the head that went in to be cleaned, pressure tested and machined. Everything back together with a new HG and will be doing a couple of flushes tomorrow to get the residual oil out before I fill it with coolant.

All went pretty well except for a couple of the new head bolts creaking like sh*! when torquing them...had me worried as I thought something was going to give. Would of been great if they were torqued using Nm instead of TTY, at least that way I could double check if it torqued to spec. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see if I did a good job or not.
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Re: Oil cooler location on 2004 Berlingo Van 1.4

Post by white exec »

Head bolts can creak and groan spectacularly when being removed. They can also give up a very distinctive aroma as original thread-sealant meets the air. Takes something to snap one of those! :roll: