Macro-light for a camera

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Macro-light for a camera

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Sometime last year I decided to do something about the difficulty with taking very close-up (macro) photos, where my camera kept casting a shadow when only a couple of cm away from the subject - usually a small widget, and often for this forum, like this one...
sphere damper
sphere damper
Having watched plenty of Silent Witness and been impressed with Nicky's ring flash, I knocked this up from a large plastic container top, some 12v warm-white LED strip, a few switches and a battery...
A piece of soft grommet edging was used to make it a push-fit on to the Fuji FinePix's 73mm lens front.
The switching simply allows a choice of lighting levels and shadow (left-right) options.

Having done that, and pleased with the budget result, interest was recently sparked by another bout of Nicky's flashing, and I wondered about a commercially-built item. Was surprised to find these on, and so cheap... ... 178&sr=8-4
They come with a variety of lens-size adaptors, and can operate either as flash, or continuous lighting. :)
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Re: Macro-light for a camera

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↑↑ I have a ringflash in my Amazon basket while I dither about deciding if I am actually going to buy it and one for my son. Inspired like you by Nikki's ringflash*.

Years ago I tested a medical Nikkor with built in ringflash for my boss' dentist. Showed him how to use it and had free dental treatment thereafter :)

*I'm currently working my way through all the old Witless Silence episodes. Emelia's eyes are mesmerising.