Trying to identify a noise

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Trying to identify a noise

Post by Benscab123 »

As I’m driving down the road I can hear what I can only describe a WUH WUH WUH rubbing kind of noise (rotational) coming from the front end which seems more noticeable when turning corners/rounding bends, along with a separate, louder, constant droning noise from the rear which is only noticeable from 35mph and over. Had 4 new budget directional tyres fitted a couple of months ago and the droning noise started a couple of weeks after that.
Any ideas what either noise could be please anyone ?
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Re: Trying to identify a noise

Post by Peter.N. »

Could well be the tyres although I mostly use budget tyres with no problems. Otherwise it could be a noisy wheel bearing. You could try swapping the front tyres to the back and see if the noise moves with them.

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Re: Trying to identify a noise

Post by Stickyfinger »

Jack each wheel off the ground and spin it....