1.6 THP engine problem

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1.6 THP engine problem

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I have a Peugeot 207 GTi 1.6 THP 175 Hp car (2010/04). 2 weeks ago the service changed the oil filter and oil too. When i came home, the car was went to Limp mode without MIL. I read the error code with torque, that said P2177. I was cleared the code than came out the limp mode. But, everytime I start driving, the car go to limp mode after cc 4, 5 km. The error code is always P2177 and P0171.
That 2 weeks i spend a lot of time to read live data. The fuel pressure seems fine, when the car is not in limp mode, the turbo is seems fine.
The STFT and the LTFT are seems really bad. I read a lot of time data. 1 day the LTFT/STFT + 20 and go high, than the other day the data are -20 and go down. Sometimes the car think it's go very lean, sometimes it's go very rich.

2019.11.14 5.30AM. The STFT / LTFT very negative.
2019.11.15 14.20 The day after when the fuel trims were negative, now the fuel trims is very positive (more than 25)

But you see, when the rpm is higher (and more load), the STFT almost seems good everytime!!!!

Fuel pressure: idle 460-500 bar
Fuel pressure: full load: 1200-1250 bar

I have a de-cat system, fully update SS exhaust, modified PCV, cold air intake -- But that car has already moving with that system since more than 2 years. We don't do any modification now (only the oil change).
The whole timming was changed cc 6 months ago.

My question are:
1) What the most common causes the P2177/P0171?
2) The error code is right after an oil change. What do you think, maybe there is a connection the oil change and the error code?
3) What should we check?

So the main question, what the most common causes! Pls, help!

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Re: 1.6 THP engine problem

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Looking around the web, the most likely cause of that fault code on the thp engine is a stretched timing chain. Not good news and difficult to diagnose externally.