308 battery charging.

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308 battery charging.

Post by Dave308 »

Hello all.

I have a 308 1.6 hdi due to lack of use for the foreseeable future i would like to put a trickle charger on the car i have a ctek charger to use so a quality charger. I cant gain access to the negative terminal on battery and the earth post is on slam panel so cant close bonnet and lock car whilst charging.

Has anyone used one on there 308 and if so where did you connect negative clip the chassis and engine mount is painted so cant use them.

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Re: 308 battery charging.

Post by xantia_v6 »

Is there a steel engine-lifting eye at the near end of the engine? There is on the petrol version, and that is what I use.

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Re: 308 battery charging.

Post by Paul-R »

On our Mk2 308 there's what looks like a battery terminal screwed to the bulkhead near to the battery that is to be used as an earth for battery charging and jump starts. This is detailed in the handbook - what does yours say?