Am I Being Unreasonable??

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Re: Am I Being Unreasonable??

Post by doctle »

Not being unreasonable at all. The amount of sellers online that don't deliver to Highlands or northern Ireland is very annoying. I use a virtual UK address in NI as well as my sister house for non urgent stuff. If I cross into northern Ireland to post something in the post office it doesn't matter where it's going they take it and usually deliver it.
I think a lot of sellers use cheap couriers Hermes being particularly irritating, the couriers seem to want to do urban drops in the bigger towns and cities.
It's the same in Ireland the excuses the couriers make for not delivering include House not at stated location (like I don't bloody know where I live), incorrect phone number (same number for 20 years), no answer to doorbell (I have a knocker) and so on. All couriers are descended from bachelors. Use the damn post office, lack of use is why the gubbermint gets to close them
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Re: Am I Being Unreasonable??

Post by Doo »

Good call on Amazon :clap:

Order placed, cost an extra £3.

They wanted £4:49 for postage to get here by 1st Oct.

However, being a non ginger person who doesn't live in the sticks, owns a Jaguar and can use umpteen pumps throughout the city, have HDTV, fibre broadband, a Samsung phone and a metal straw to save the turtles, I decided the postage thing was sh!te anyway, so opted for free postage which will actually, in real life and for real, get here on the 2nd or 3rd ANYWAY, so all good :-D

I like this forum \:D/
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Re: Am I Being Unreasonable??

Post by myglaren »

Try iPost Parcels. Inexpensive and haven't failed me yet. Sent a load of stuff to Croatia through them.
A section of DHL.
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Re: Am I Being Unreasonable??

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Every time I go to the post office to send off a parcel I'm asked "Is there any batteries in it?"

It's a weird situation because they're quite happy to take laptops, tablets and other electronic items etc. with the batteries in but not the batteries on their own.

I also had a problem sending an ex military vintage Pyrene fire extinguisher which fell foul of the "We can't take that." rules.
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Re: Am I Being Unreasonable??

Post by myglaren »

^ Which is why I mentioned iPost.
I have a camera here I bought for my son a while back, he was supposed to visit but never did.
I was about to post it to him but realised that the P.O. wouldn't accept it and was about to sling it on iPost but had to confirm his address - he has two houses in London, one NE and the other SW.
Turns out he is coming up in a week or so but is in America so it is staying here.
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Re: Am I Being Unreasonable??

Post by van ordinaire »

There was a case not so long ago when Amazon stood trial for endangering aircraft - because they shipped batteries separately! So don't blame the PO, they're just complying with Civil Aviation law.

Never heard of iPost but seems like I'm one of the few people who've never had a real problem with the PO, including sending stuff to Croatia (although the problem there always was what got lost at their customs)
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