Fuel filter housing help

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Fuel filter housing help

Post by katarina77 »

Hello, I am helping a friend with her 2003 C5 2,0 hdi. Had the antipollution warning( car running, But only 3000rpm), and after troubleshooting I found that fuse F14 in the engine compartment was blown, and again If I put a New one in. The fuse controls engine sensors. I found out that it was the electrical connector on the fuel filter housing that blows the fuse. So what is this sensor for? If i drive the car with the connector unnplugged, it runs great. But im not sure what the connector is for. Can anybody help? Can I drive it with it unnplugged? Ibthink its the Siemens system, connector on the top

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Re: Fuel filter housing help

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Post up your VIN please - so we can determine the exact engine and setup you have.

F14 in the engine bay is for the front / rear screenwash pump....