Several issues with my DS5

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Re: Several issues with my DS5

Post by Mares »

Nope, I stopped messing with this issue, what's more interesting, now during winter time when temperatures are around zero, even when car is not driving for several days, it ignites totally properly :-D .... last winter was opposite situation...quite strange situation. I will wait for spring and warmer days to see how it will do first ignition. If at warmer days it ignites improperly, then I believe there is some air suction in the system through some pipe/sealing due to expansion of material on higher temperatures. Rubber parts and plastics shrinks at lower temperatures, seems like everything seals fine now :-D

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Re: Several issues with my DS5

Post by sebastian9415 »

But you don’t have any errors or check engine light on? I made the injector leak off test and I have all 4 defective injectors. Can injectors be the problem? I want to change the return valves.