Headlights for xantia

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bill hughes
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Re: Headlights for xantia

Post by bill hughes »

Xantia V6 I have bought the one on ebay and found another new one on line, not a Valeo but will do the job for the mot man hopefully, many thanks for everyone's input.
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van ordinaire
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Re: Headlights for xantia

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If the non-Valeo lamp I got for the C15 is anything to go by, It'll get you through the test - but probably not the night.

There seems to be a certain amount of confusion, if not disagreement, about those little arrows (I'm certainly puzzled by the idea of headless arrows) but the left dipping Hellas on the green Cherokee have right headed arrows & it must be US spec. European cars that have double headed arrows because the original American lights on my Eldorado have no markings.
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white exec
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Re: Headlights for xantia

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A "left-dipping arrow" - i.e. one which dips to the LH side (eg for the UK) - shows as an arrow pointing to the right (not the RH side of the vehicle) when looking at the headlight glass from the front.
The single arrow head shows the direction of dip.

Just to be confusing (as I was), a "headless arrow" means dip-to-the-right.
The person who thought that one up must have come from the same school as whoever dreamt up the year format for current UK licence plates!

Who was the non-Valeo producer of those C15 headlights, Van? Cibie, maybe?