Wheel tracking "computer says no"

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Re: Wheel tracking "computer says no"

Post by aerodynamica »

pretty good idea Peter
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Re: Wheel tracking "computer says no"

Post by Lenny »

Another vote for Trackace here.
I absolutely love mine and would recommend it to anybody.
I've used it on all the cars in our house and on a couple of cars in the office car park. Marvellous tool.
I even managed to check the rear toe of my C5X7 with it.
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Re: Wheel tracking "computer says no"

Post by bobins »

And 10% off at eBay(uk) until 11.59pm 15/6/19 with the code PRICEWIN :) Price after discount - £65.

Hmmmm..... Even I'm tempted and I'm in no hurry to check the tracking on any of the cars here :lol: