C4 Picasso oil sump mod

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C4 Picasso oil sump mod

Post by Rosanbo »

I noticed this design failure straight away when I was under the car about to drain the oil.

I just came across this modification... I'd like to do it also. Can anyone explain what I need to do to do this myself?

The video is not very clear as to what is going on. I don't know what that air hose thing is. Seems to be tightening a long bolt through a tube...the tube stops the bolt from going any deeper into the sump and so the only thing left to happen is it pulls the sump down..... I got to do this... has anyone done it at home ?

All of that second lot of oil was what was remaining in the sump after draining!!!...stupid design.

10% of your oil remains in the engine! This video also suggests there are aftermarket sumps of an improved design...can someone get me a link to one of these please?
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Re: C4 Picasso oil sump mod

Post by myglaren »

I think that this was the reason given the an oil change for the 1.6 is more effective with an extraction pump.
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Re: C4 Picasso oil sump mod

Post by Gibbo2286 »

The first video show a hydraulic puller press, he's screwed a bolt into the sump drain thread then used the puller to pull the indent from the sump drain boss so that it bulges out of the bottom of the sump instead.

Might not be a good idea if the area you live in has high road humps, you could rip the plug out.

Without the tool your only way to do it is screw in a bolt and use a heavy duty slide hammer or remove the sump and bash it from the inside.