C4 Picasso heater blower

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Re: C4 Picasso heater blower

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Duchard wrote:
25 Jul 2021, 11:08
Hi, I have same issue on my 2015mk2 grand picasso. Fan blower constantly on. I can't find the location of the relay on my model.

Any chance you could take a look if I send the VIN?
It's proper doing my nut in! :roll:

Did you get your problem sorted? I have the same issue as you.
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Re: C4 Picasso heater blower

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hi Marc, l found the above diagram very informative and diagnosed the problem on my 2008 C4 GP as an intermittent feed from relay 7 which feeds the blower relay 8048, l have resolved this by removing the blower relay and inserting a 35A fused link across the terminals, this seems to work perfectly.The blower comes on and off with the ignition and everything seems ok,l would have a look at relay 7 which l think may be faulty(fuse 11 is sound) but l don't know where R7 is located ?
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Re: C4 Picasso heater blower

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The diagram I posted earlier may be different for your vehicle, as there are so many variants with different heating and A/C options.

I'll need your specific VIN if you'd like me to get a diagram up of the heating circuit - but I suspect R7 may well be an internal relay.
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Re: C4 Picasso heater blower

Post by Madbrushracing »

Hi Marc

If I gave you my vin number could you also post the pictures if they are different from the one's in this thread. My car is a 2015 C4 Grand Picasso and I have the issue that when I turn the car off the cabin heater fan still continues to work so I have to disonect the battery