Bleeding cooling system. How to tell when finished?

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Bleeding cooling system. How to tell when finished?

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I had a mechanic come and change the cambelt and water pump the other day and all seemed fine. Was driving it around afterwards just doing short trips, but yesterday when driving on a longer journey I noticed that the temperature gauge was only just sitting above cold. The heater works but the air is luke warm at best. It used to sit between 1/4 and 1/2 on the temperature gauge and the air coming through the vents was hot. I've opened both bleed nipples one after the other and water drips through them quite rapidly.

How do I know when its bled? Does water come through as a stream? Does it stop coming through altogether? Plenty of guides that say things like "Open the nipple and close it once no more air comes out" but I haven't a clue what I'm actually looking for :rofl2:

This is how fast the water comes through the nipple leading to the matrix (it was quite cold so although there's loads of steam the water wasn't that hot)

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Re: Bleeding cooling system. How to tell when finished?

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It should be pouring out.
I've bled my VTS a week ago and as long as the stream from bleed screws(one on the matrix pipes, like yours and one on the thermostat) wasn't full and continuous, there was air in the system.