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Re: Sh?x?

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Dishwashers - good for......
My XM was running rough, inlet plastic pipework all bunged up, short hot cycle cured, the car ran perfectly for a long while afterwards.
And apparently an MGB roadster wire wheel fits and comes out great!
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Re: Sh?x?

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Tom Tom have provided updates for models affected by the GPS Week Number Rollover
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Re: Sh?x?

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My TomTom worked fine in the US the first time (after I'd bought the additional mapping) but when in preparation for my next trip I tried to reload the mapping - they'd lost my a/c.

It did have a glitch when I bought it due to "Leap Year Syndrome" & I can't remember how that was got round but neither they, nor Argos, where I bought it, were prepared to do anything about it, maintaining there was nothing wrong with it, it just needed upgrading!

It threw a wobbly a few years ago, being unable to find a satellite, that's when I first experienced their totally useless website (my son had loaded "America" & then restored UK/W. Europe) but, low & behold, having connected it to the PC but without doing anything, once back in the car it was OK.

It did the same thing when I was in Essen on 11 April & I only found out about this "rollover" nonsense when I again risked my sanity by going to their website. Seems my device is not one that's affected - but I'm not so sure. What I did learn was that there is a re-start procedure, which I followed & then it knew where it was - but I have to do that every time now!
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