MOT time again :)

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Re: MOT time again :)

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Not that bit, Marc - they're talking about the inner joint, which should be at the inboard end of item 3 - but is not shown on the diagram. However, if you put the part number (3812E5) into e-bay, loads come up showing a conventional arm as pictured above, with the ball joint on the inboard end.

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Re: MOT time again :)

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Ok, just using Colin's part number to put the diagram up - so another one of these hidden parts them it seems!

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Re: MOT time again :)

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Thanks Guys think i should get both sides done ?

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Re: MOT time again :)

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Alexnew wrote:
22 Apr 2019, 09:25
Hi I think the part you're referring to is the inner tie rod or rack end similar to this


That looks familiar & there's something v. similar on the bench in the shed, so I've clearly replaced it - see my earlier post!

I thought we'd established the play is not the TRE.