Friend with a problematic Astra SRi 2005

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Friend with a problematic Astra SRi 2005

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Hi all,

A friend of mine has an issue with said car (I KNOW it is a Vauxhall, but PSA owns them now, don't they :D). The EML comes on, with one (or more) of the following issues (he will get his code reader on it for the code numbers);

Fuel trim too high,
Fuel trim too low,
Catalyst system efficiency below threshold,

He also has found that, on a cold day, he may get an ABS and Traction Control error, but these will then clear down by themselves.

Does anybody have any suggestions as what to look for (I did suggest matches and petrol, but got a stroppy response!)?
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Re: Friend with a problematic Astra SRi 2005

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We don’t want to set a precedent here on other vehicles James. Despite being owned by PSA, that it the only relationship they have to anything else PSA.

I suggest you direct your friend to one of the many GM forums around such as