Sad week for me.

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Re: Sad week for me.

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Update. Finally got the DS5 nav fixed .We were due to take a short road trip so as soon as I heard that the nav was ready to be refitted, I phoned the garage to tell them it was all ready, and could they get the BMW prepared for the exchange. Swopped the cars next day, nipped home, chucked the luggage in the boot and off we went at 3.30, just a day or so later than originally planned. A bit strange for a start but I soon got into the swing of things. We made it to Penrith from Surrey by 9.30pm, through some pretty heavy traffic and even heavier rain. The BMW performed remarkably well, very smooth and returning a good 10MPG more than the DS5. The Citroen had a terrible heating system and the footwell was always cold, no matter what the setting. The BMW was warm and cosseting from the start, with loads of settings for comfort. SWMBO spent almost the entire first day reading the owners manual and setting up the navigation and phone etc. The system is a bit better than the DS5 one, and has a wide screen wich can be split to leave the maps up while scrolling through all the other stuff. Suspension was good, but not overly soft. Steering is positive and with enough feedback. A little road noise from the run flat tyres but not much different from the DS5. The seats are almost as comfortable but without the massage facility which I rarely used. The car is a bit quicker than the DS5 and you can easily be breaking the speed limit without realising. Plenty luggage space although the boot is a bit of a funny shape. I'm reasonably happy so far after 1400 miles in the first week of ownership. Time will tell of course, but I have to say, Citroen made quite a few mistakes with the early DS5 and I don't regret getting rid.