Speed Limiters & Black Boxes

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Re: Speed Limiters & Black Boxes

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GiveMeABreak wrote:
31 Jan 2021, 15:54
Yes, some tech is useful but not at the expense of doing everything for you - that would be a killer. I have to turn the Lane Departure Warning off every single time I start the car, as were we are there is rarely any tarmac, yet alone any white lines :rofl2: on the roads - and it confuses the system, so I am frequently getting beeped at all the time and it's quite infuriating - so has become part of my ritual now - start car and hold in button to disable it!
Stumbled across this Marc.....quite prophetic although I take it your car just warns rather than autocorrects with a bit of steering.
GiveMeABreak wrote:
17 Apr 2018, 17:39
Lane Keep Assist LKA: uses a front-facing camera to track lane markings, it automatically corrects your steering if you stray into another lane
This one I'm definitely NOT in favour of - can you image going anywhere with roadworks in the UK (which is just about everywhere) with all the cones splayed across the roads and the lane markings all over the shop - your car would be autonomously whizzing all over the place like a demented dervisher.
Regards Neil

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Re: Speed Limiters & Black Boxes

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No, thank goodness, just the warning and beeping for Lane Departure Neil. The only semi autonomous thing I've got regarding the steering is the parking, that takes over and does the business if you want to parallel or bay park, or exit from any of these. It's quite eerie to say the least letting go of the steering and seeing it take over 8-[