The Great Debate-No 35-Speed Limiters & Black Boxes

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Re: The Great Debate-No 35-Speed Limiters & Black Boxes

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I was expecting a parcel a couple of weeks ago the courier was DPD. The driver didn't bother to come probably because of my rural location he put I wasn't at home into his machine instead. I rang the next morning to say that I was at home they asked for my postcode, checked against the drivers GPS records and admitted he didn't come to my house. I kinda felt sorry for the guy I hope he didn't get into too much trouble.

I'm not sure if the speed limiters will be introduced in Ireland any time soon people driving a few miles over the limits are a good source of revenue. We have a lot of weird arbitrary speed limits here, motorways with 60 kph speed limits, etc that's where the cops go to shoot fish in barrels.

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Re: The Great Debate-No 35-Speed Limiters & Black Boxes

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NewcastleFalcon wrote:
28 Mar 2019, 09:14
Not surprising that it was going to happen with private cars. With so many "sold" on leases and PCP terms the manufacturers would probably have made the "black box" element happen, even without compulsion from legislators.

Regards Neil

Apropos that, a couple of days ago I was awaiting an Amazon delivery due before 9pm.
I also needed to go out that day but had to sign for the package as there was a knife in it.
Looked at the tracking info and here pops up a Google map, with my location and a green dot, the Amazon van, about half a mile away.
Watched it getting closer and closer.
It was 100 yards away so went downstairs to wait.
He was ages.
When he did arrive I mentioned I had been watching his progress until he was just around the corner.

He said he had taken a while to get from there to here as he had doubled back to the shop up the road :)

Took a screenshot but not a clue where it is filed :(