Electric, Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid Debate

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Re: Electric, Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid Debate

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What we all need to realise that we have been lied to time and time again, so when something actually useful comes along the sceptics like me get even more sceptical, with the Oil companies pulling the strings nothing other than Oil derived power is lightly to become available in good numbers at a reasonable price, I am sure there is a few alternatives that can be used to power the engines we have now, but due to high powered lawyer's tying everything up it is not available, now forget the myths around some inventors being knocked off what would you all think is the way forward that would get the ok from everyone, from the weirdest of the greenies to the full on petrol heads? Also how many members of parliament may be bending the rules to frustrate a suitable fuel being released?

Some thoughts right or wrong to open up the debate.....................................