C4 Dash warning lights- none

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Re: C4 Dash warning lights- none

Post by 31mev »

Hi Marc

As far as I can see I am all sorted. My son in law had ordered a new dash/instrument unit a week ago and it arrived this morning. It was a pile of crap externally so I swapped cases. All good. The lying B******ds even gave us 10000 miles free. Annoying when he made a special point of asking the mileage. I know this cannot be undone.

I checked with diagbox and found that the unrecognised ecu was the multiplex. It is still unrecognised but everything works.

I still have the glowplug code p1351, PREHEATING RELAY CIRCUIT. would dead glowplugs cause this? I suspect two or more are dead.
Regarding my lexia. I havent a clue. My son in law is the computer guy in the family. The following is an excerpt from an email he sent me after he read one of your earlier mails
Had a peek at your French Car Forums thread. Obviously you know that Diagbox v 7.57 is installed (as per conversation, this was done as I was worried the /B model of VCI might not be working with the later versions) and I believe the VCI version to be 963830 /B.

You can double check this by opening a folder on the desktop called "D" (from memory, either way its the only folder on the desktop). There should be a program called "Interface Checker" which you can install. If there's a password, it'll be "**&&&&" but once run it should dump some shortcuts on the desktop. One of them should be the Interface Checker tool. When you run it, there's a "check version" button or something similar which will read the VCI. I found that running Diagbox at all caused this programme not to work, so I'd recommend rebooting first to try it.
Its all dutch to me. Do you think this version is suitable for the Citroens in the family fleet 2x07 cars and 1x 04 ?

Thank you for your help in this matter, I have been impressed. I was stumbling towards a successful conclusion, but you had it nailed, despite my ramblings. It has been a bit of a pain, but I like a challenge, and may even consider getting a computer car myself! I have to say that this little c4 goes very well for 92 hp nice little car.

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Re: C4 Dash warning lights- none

Post by GiveMeABreak »

P1351 is pre-post heater relay circuit relay controlled, spark plugs not supplied is a common fault, and can normally be ignored.

Bear in mind that the vehicle mileage is stored in both the BSI and the dashboard ECU, so if you ever replace either a donor BSI or a dashboard ECU, the 2 ECUs compare notes and whichever has the highest mileage takes precedent and updates the other ECU. So there is always a risk of gaining more mileage. Of course once this has been done, even if you replaced the original, that too would automatically be updated to the higher mileage as soon as it was connected and powered.