RichardW's Velocette rebuild

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Re: RichardW's Velocette rebuild

Post by CitroJim »

I'm intrigued to know what's in the box Richard ;)

Timely as I'm currently reading a book on vintage British motorcycles :) Fantastic bedtime reading...

I thought I knew my vintage bikes well but last evening I discovered a manufacturer from the vintage period that was new to me - Martinsyde...

That Model U sounds good... I could smell the smoke just from watching the video :)
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Re: RichardW's Velocette rebuild

Post by Zelandeth »

Seeing this thread has reminded me I meant to reply ages ago.

I heard back from my contacts in the bus world and they sadly don't reckon they'd be able to help with regards to your cylinder machining issues. Their kit has been set up with bits for machining the cylinders for the very specific engines they usually have to work on - usually Leyland 510s in Nationals I believe. They don't think they'd be able to handle something as small as this. It's pretty rare they have to do that sort of work anyway...usually dropping in another engine is simpler! Obviously not so simple in your case.