Help! P2670 maunufacturer undocumented code

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Re: Help! P2670 maunufacturer undocumented code

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The battery for your Picasso was originally a 60Ah 540 A (Cold Cranking Amps) minimum. Always measure the battery and check the battery poles are the same type and on the same side as your original.

There's nothing to stop you getting something with a bit more welly though - get the best you can for the money you want to spend.
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Re: Help! P2670 maunufacturer undocumented code

Post by thebrasso »

sparksie wrote: 08 Jan 2019, 03:03 No direct experience of this, but based on previous replies and some intuition, I'm wondering could something be loading down the 5V line?
Unfortunately, this does nothing to narrow the field of search, as that could be a chafed wire, almost anywhere, but could potentially be a short circuited sensor.
It will throw up a lot of codes, but you could try open circuiting each in turn, and see if the unspecified code can be erased.
Pretty time consuming, so if you're paying for someone to do it, probably not practical
This has been an issue for quite some times, seen as i'm working from home for the foreseeable, with plenty of time on my hands i'm going to try and get to the bottom of this. going back over previous reply's, mainly the one highlighted by sparksie, Where would be the best place to measure the 5V voltage from?

Again, Thanks gain for all ongoing replys to this thread.

I have also a lexia set up now too, so will hook this up and see what codes(if any) it throws up!

In the words of Arnie, Ill be back!!!