C5 Suspension fault

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Re: C5 Suspension fault

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When it comes to replacing a worn part that comes in pairs, I always ask myself : "Would they replace both of them under warranty if only one of them had failed ?" In most cases they'd only replace the one.
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Re: C5 Suspension fault

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When I had the TPMS blow out a few years back leaving a gaping hole in the alloy where it once was - I was only a mile away from the dealer down the dual carriageway when it shot out like a bullet. Suspension handled the instantaneous deflation very well and I hardly noticed it. But I went in with a face like thunder because of how dangerous it could of been, had I been going down a high street with a small child getting hit by it.

I was also aware of the reactive metals that prematurely caused these to fail, so when they went to replace it I demanded all of them were done. I got onto Citroen UK and demanded they replace the lot and they did - Head Office had obviously called them to expect me. They changed the design I believe, but you have to push for everything these days.