Cloned Car

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Re: Cloned Car

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Hi Guys,
Well Today I received a letter from DART CHARGE, Say they would take no further action regarding The PCNs of my old number plate..BUT,,,,,,
The Line underneath states that it could STILL BE OPENED UP By the Secretary of State..?????..
The cheeky sods back their arses don~t they,,What about my rights,appears I am still guilty of the offences ,,,more or less saying if they catch me they will back date the charges.!!!!!!..
Well no fear of that the plate on the car now doesn~t show on DVLA files only as a Ghost''
They should abolish the charges anyway,,apparently the bridge or crossing was paid for 15 years ago,now they want to build ANOTHER CROSSING,?????.
Money Grubbing PRIVATE SWINE are swindling the people going over the river or whatever..
These are the same scum who used to clamp people in car parks..
Got their bumps felt on that one,So turned ti highway robbery,for thats what it is...
About time they put the people running it in Jail with the rest of Thieving burglers and drug pushers,,After all they are of the same ilk.

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Re: Cloned Car

Post by white exec »

The Dart Crossing always seemed to me to be responsible for delays, congestion and a lot of pollution. When it came to the new Hindhead tunnel on the A3, it was decided not to toll it, because of . . . delays, increased pollution, a huge area of land-use, and the risk of HGVs not being able to slow safely for the gates. (Oh, and possibly the fact that many well-heeled C. MPs regularly use the A3 . . . which also might account for its spectacular lack of speed cameras along its rural length.)

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Re: Cloned Car

Post by Gibbo2286 »

The Welsh have moaned constantly since the outset about the Severn Bridge tolls, now they're abolished they're moaning that the extra traffic is causing problems further along the M4 at Newport, the English on the other hand are happy that the heavies that used to travel through Gloucestershire to avoid the tolls are no longer bothering them. :-D