AM6 transmission economy

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Re: AM6 transmission economy

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xantia_v6 wrote:
27 Dec 2018, 03:10
I have split this topic from the EGS topic to avoid confusion

I thought something had gone haywire on this topic when I saw my name as the thread starter! I think I just chipped in halfway through. 29 replies and 6 views also seemed impossible.

Regards Neil
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Re: AM6 transmission economy

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My 06 C5 2.0 Litre 138 BVA FAP HDI Estate with AM6 transmission has averaged 39.8 mpg overall since I rescued it and put it back on the road, most of my driving is local pottering about around the Forest of Dean with only the occasional, monthly trip through Gloucester and along the A417 to Cirencester.

I keep strict spreadsheet records of usage so these are not 'guesses' from what the screen tells me.

The handbook figures given are 36.2 Urban, 56.5 Extra urban, 47.1 Combined.
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Re: AM6 transmission economy

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2011, 2.0 Hdi AM6 - now at 70,100 miles
Having just spent the last 5 days traveling down the UK and into Belgium and back. Mostly motorway above 65 mph(when I could) 48.6 Mpg, average speed was actually 46 mph, which I think this Very good, even my old 'chipped' mark 1 C5 would have found that hard to beat!! Part of the journey (hour + each way ), there and back was spent in horrendous stop/start traffic and personally you can not beat an Auto............(also regularly, 13 mile trip each way to work I get 40 Mpg.). :-D